Realising own nature as part of love. Face reading
One of the quickest ways to love yourself I know is to accept and to manifest your own individual nature as God created it. It means seeing the natural qualities and character traits you were born with. And then to love those traits and realize how to use them for the benefit of yourself and the world. When a person manages to love all the diversity of his manifestations, there is no more sense in fighting with himself, and therefore there is no more fighting in the outside world.

Physiognomy, a science of reading a person's character and destiny by his face, can be one of the tools to understand one's own nature. I would even say that it is an art of understanding human nature. When I look at a person's face, I see an amazing and unique whole world. With its peculiarities, characteristics, regularities, past experiences and future opportunities. And for me, as a specialist, it is important to understand what this world is about. To explore its features, its principles of interaction, its values and, as a result, to illuminate the untapped potential and possibilities of the individual.

Knowledge of physiognomy is part of Chinese medicine, which over time has acquired a separate name. The point is that in traditional Chinese medicine, doctors treat a person even before an illness occurs. They look at the initial causes of the disease. These may lie in inappropriate relations in the family, with a child, with parents, friends, at work, with yourself... A lack of acceptance of your own qualities and abilities. In the wrong actions for your nature in life and work. You can deal with this with the help of physiognomy.
We are all different. Like trees in a forest or a garden. With different shaped roots, crowns, leaves... Every tree has its own location, its own characteristics and its own needs. And it is good to know what kind of tree you are. What is the fragrance of your flowers in spring? What fruit weighs down your branches in autumn? And who can benefit from your fruit, bark, or even the shade from your dense crown?

Like every tree, you have peculiarities that end up creating your personal power. One tree's bark is medicinal. Another has fruit that quenches thirst and hunger. A third has leaves that provide a thick blanket of warmth for the forest dwellers over the winter. I am sure that all of us are aware of our special qualities, but we don't always recognise them. And by recognising them, we can enhance them and use them for good.
Physiognomy, as a tool for understanding one's nature, is very convenient in this respect. As all the features are "on the face". I will now very briefly and clearly go over some basic simple characteristic strong qualities that you can see in the mirror on your face. So, let's begin?

"My light, mirror, tell me..."
If you have big and beautiful ears, then... Of course it's about hearing, about the ability to hear people and perceive sounds well. If that's your case - pay attention to the ability "to hear and to listen" - that's your strength. If your ears are interestingly shaped, like elves for example, you might have a gift for music. If your ears are protruding - you hear in your own way, you are curious, and you can offer something alternative to what exists in the world.

A big, full, beautiful forehead - about an outstanding mind, the ability to analyze and draw the right conclusions, to learn the world through analytical thinking. Also about a good career and a thirst for constant learning. If the forehead is convex, it is also about creative thinking.

Big eyes are about the ability to see the beauty and fullness of this world and to communicate it through your activities. Small eyes - attention to details and the ability to extract the main.

If your trump card is thick and beautiful eyebrows - your strength with close friends, you have many ideas and probably more than one project and a lot of energy to implement them. If your eyebrows are thin but neat and nicely shaped - you take on one thing, but artfully lead it carefully from start to finish, and also try your handiwork.

A big, expressive nose is king on your face. He wants his opinion to be heard and will tell the world about it. Such a person has character and it's not worth hiding it. It's also about the possibility of making a good living - in your case, money is the perfect argument. Also, if you have pronounced upper and lower cheekbones, you should consider starting your own business.

Filled, large and beautiful lips - the ability to enjoy the material possessions and transfer this "taste of life" to others. As well as beautiful and tasty speech. Speech and the ability to entice with it is your strength and should not be neglected.

We are all very different. Nature created each one of us with a specific intention and has given us a unique power. And you can accept your natural gifts and consciously use, develop and enhance them. For one reason or another, we give them up - our parents did not support us, our close circle of friends did not understand, society dictates its conditions. That doesn't work. Life is given to you as a gift and you came into this world with the intention of making a unique contribution. And the grains of time flow through your fingers so quickly... So consider your gifts well and put them to good use.
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